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MEK Le Hub'
Mile End Kicks (Saint Hubert)
Address: 6012 St Hubert St, Montreal, Quebec H2S 2L7
Phone: (514) 419-7405
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Mile End Kicks is a store specialized in shoes since 2009. The store is in the iconic area of the Mile End in Montreal. We select for you the best shoes, sneakers, boots, slippers etc.

European Wool Slippers.
Selection from Dr. Feet
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Coal Headwear
Coal Headwear was founded in 2002 with a simple goal: create quality headwear for active lifestyles that fits well and lasts.
By sourcing high quality materials and sweating the details, we make better products that stand the test of time.
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MEK: Spotlight series

The Grand Victoria Hotel

Throughout the last century, Victoria´s family has grown and our shoes get now further than ever. But we know that walking worldwide has a Price, our planet is in danger and we are not going to turn our back to it.

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