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      ASICS: A Commitment to Mind and Body Wellness

      - ASICS: Anima Sana In Corpore Sano (Latin for "A Sound Mind in a Sound Body")

      Staying true to the essence of its name, ASICS is built on the foundational philosophy of Anima Sana In Corpore Sano, encapsulating the belief that a sound mind is intricately linked to a sound body. This philosophy is not just a tagline but a guiding principle that shapes every facet of ASICS – from innovations to concepts, ideas, and the relentless pursuit of creating the best sports products.

      ASICS is on a mission to claim the top spot as the brand of choice for sports enthusiasts. The commitment to this mission is manifested through a dedication to consistently produce the best products. ASICS pledges to build upon its technological advancements, push the boundaries of understanding the body and its athletic gear needs, and ultimately bring harmony to both the body and soul.

      The ASICS journey began in 1949 when Mr. Kihachiro Onitsuka, operating out of his living room in Kobe, Japan, started manufacturing basketball shoes under the name Onitsuka Co., Ltd. In 1977, the brand adopted the name ASICS, drawing inspiration from the famous Latin phrase that mirrors its philosophy. ASICS made its debut in the United States in 1977, bringing with it a compelling narrative of athletic performance, technical excellence, and a commitment to total health and fitness.

      Research & Development:
      In a significant stride towards innovation, ASICS inaugurated the Research Institute of Sports Science in Kobe in May 1990. This institute serves as a crucible for groundbreaking technological advancements in sports shoes and apparel. It is a unique space where scientists, athletes, and coaches collaborate, ushering in a new era of advancements that continue to shape the world of sports.

      Brand Heritage:

      Mr. Kihachiro Onitsuka started ASICS to make sportswear that would support every athlete, inspire movement and encourage everyone to have an active lifestyle.

      The inception of the brand began with the introduction of the OK Basketball Shoe, marking ASICS's inaugural product. In an era where crafting basketball shoes posed considerable challenges, Onitsuka faced the difficulty head-on, drawing inspiration rather than being discouraged. Eager to perfect the design, he distributed early prototypes to basketball leagues in Kobe for extensive wear testing. Following refinement, the shoe made its public debut in the spring of 1950.

      The Marathon Tabi emerged as the brand's inaugural offering for distance runners. Drawing inspiration from traditional Japanese indoor Tabi shoes, the design seamlessly blended cultural influence with modern functionality. Engineered with the endurance and robustness essential for challenging marathon runs, the Marathon Tabi represented a harmonious fusion of tradition and cutting-edge performance.

      The MARUP marked the next evolutionary step in marathon-running footwear. Introducing innovative features, it incorporated a sponge in the heel to mitigate fatigue during extended distance runs. Additionally, the rounded toe box not only enhanced comfort but also contributed to its widespread appeal, making the Marup a well-rounded choice for runners seeking both performance and comfort.

      The Magic-Runner represented a milestone as our inaugural shoe featuring an air-vent system. This innovative technology released heat with each landing, addressing a crucial concern for distance runners by eliminating the root cause of blisters. With this advancement, the Magic-Runner not only enhanced performance but also prioritized the comfort and well-being of runners, setting a new standard in footwear for long-distance running.

      The GEL-LYTE III was originally introduced as a lightweight and stable running shoe, but its evolution over time has transformed it into a classic everyday model. Notable for its distinctive features, the GEL-LYTE III boasts a split tongue design and a 3-layer midsole. This iconic footwear has seamlessly transitioned from its athletic roots to become a timeless and stylish choice for daily wear, capturing the essence of both comfort and enduring design.

      The GEL-KAYANO model, conceived by Toshikazu Kayano, was crafted with the specific goal of creating a versatile and supportive trainer with an emphasis on neutral pronation. This footwear design has stood the test of time and holds the record as the longest continuously produced performance running shoe, now in its 29th iteration. The GEL-KAYANO's enduring popularity speaks to its success in providing both structure and support for a variety of athletic activities while maintaining a focus on neutral pronation.

      The GT-2000 model is celebrated for its versatility and functionality across various running distances, specifically designed to address overpronation. This footwear is meticulously crafted to strike a balance between lightweight design and stability, ensuring a secure and stable ride for the runner. With a focus on providing support for overpronation, the GT-2000 exemplifies a commitment to performance by offering a shoe that is both adaptable to different distances and attentive to the specific needs of runners with overpronation tendencies.

      The design philosophy behind the GEL-CUMULUS is a seamless integration of comfort and versatility. Tailored for different distances, this footwear harmoniously combines cushioning with stability. Currently in its 25th version, the GEL-CUMULUS continues to exemplify a commitment to providing runners with a reliable and adaptable shoe that caters to their comfort needs across various distances.

      The GEL-NIMBUS model was conceptualized to deliver a sensation akin to running on clouds. Crafted with a strong emphasis on comfort and breathability, this shoe is specifically designed for enduring long runs. With a focus on accommodating neutral pronation, the GEL-NIMBUS has evolved over time and is currently in its 25th version, continuing to exemplify a dedication to providing runners with a plush and supportive experience for their extended journeys.

      The innovative METARIDE footwear features a groundbreaking rocker sole designed to reduce the energy expended during running, providing a smoother and more comfortable ride. By incorporating GUIDESOLE technology, the METARIDE aims to optimize the efficiency of each stride, allowing runners to cover distances with reduced fatigue and increased comfort. This emphasis on energy conservation and a smooth ride underscores the commitment to cutting-edge technology and performance in the METARIDE shoe.

      Tiger Stripes in 1968:

      Tiger Stripes made their global debut at the 1968 Games, introducing a distinctive design element that would become iconic for the brand. Inspired by the waves along the coast of Kobe, the city that witnessed the inception of ASICS, these stripes added a unique and memorable touch to the footwear. The Tiger Stripes not only symbolized the brand's roots but also became a recognizable emblem synonymous with ASICS' commitment to performance and style.

      Technological Advancements since 1949:

      The X-CALIBER GT showcased cutting-edge DUOMAX technology, incorporating a stabilizing pillar designed to effectively counter overpronation. Complementing this, the quadralcing system in the upper not only enhanced overall support but also provided an additional layer of stability for the feet. This innovative combination of features in the X-CALIBER GT underscored a commitment to addressing pronation concerns while prioritizing stability and support for a superior athletic experience.

      The GT II running shoe marked a groundbreaking moment with the introduction of revolutionary GEL technology. Debuting as a distinctive feature, this technology delivered an extra layer of shock absorption to the shoes. The incorporation of GEL not only represented a significant leap in cushioning innovation but also underscored a commitment to enhancing the overall comfort and performance of the GT II, setting a new standard for athletic footwear.

      ASICS introduces the DUOSOLE midsole, a pioneering advancement in athletic footwear. This innovative midsole features a double-layer composition of fabric and polyurethane, combining to provide exceptional grip on various surfaces. Remarkably, the DUOSOLE achieves this enhanced traction without compromising on weight or flexibility. This breakthrough technology reflects ASICS' commitment to pushing the boundaries of performance, offering athletes a dynamic and adaptable midsole for an improved and responsive experience on the ground.

      GUIDESOLE in 2019:

      GUIDESOLE technology, introduced in 2019, was engineered with the purpose of propelling runners forward, enhancing their overall performance for long-distance running. This innovative technology offers a shock-absorbent landing, minimizing the impact on joints and providing a smoother and more comfortable experience. Additionally, GUIDESOLE promotes a more efficient stride, optimizing the energy transfer during each step. By prioritizing both comfort and efficiency, GUIDESOLE technology aims to enhance the overall running experience, particularly for those tackling extended distances. GUIDESOLE technology made its debut with the revolutionary METARIDE shoe.

      ASICS is more than a brand; it's a lifestyle commitment to holistic well-being, seamlessly weaving together the threads of physical and mental health. 🏃‍♂️🧠👟