Step into Spring with Style and New Balance Sneakers

With spring finally here, it's time to take those sneakers out of the wardrobe or even better, get new ones! And we're here to recommend the best options for you. While we have a wide range of styles and brands, today we'll be focusing on New Balance - a classic brand from Boston that's both popular and comfortable, and most importantly, affordable. New Balance is the perfect ally for long walks and to show off your style in the neighborhood. We've compiled a list of the most popular New Balance models available in our store, so you can choose the ones that best suit you.

New Balance 574

Regarded by many as a timeless masterpiece, while some consider it a fortunate coincidence, the New Balance 574 revolutionized the running world with its "Encap" midsole that features a soft EVA core encased in a rigid plastic ring for stability, making it an all-terrain shoe.

Since its inception in 1990, New Balance has continuously released new models and versions of the 574 due to its immense success. It has remained an important training shoe and a cultural icon, leading to New Balance's decision to reintroduce the classic shape of the 574 in 2018. Therefore, if you have a preference for vintage designs, we offer an extensive range of 574 styles that we believe you will appreciate.

New Balance 480

The original member of the New Balance basketball family paved the way for other renowned models that we now enjoy, such as the New Balance 550. In 1980, New Balance created their first basketball shoes, the New Balance 480, which were worn by legendary professional players. This model offers a combination of quality and affordability, with a soft white leather upper, black New Balance logos and detailing on the side panels, tongue, and heel, and a white midsole with a black sole. The NB BB480 is a revived classic that holds timeless appeal. It is a modernized version of an 80s New Balance model that was initially released as high-end basketball footwear. Current features have been incorporated into the shoe, resulting in a casual-appropriate design.

New Balance 237

A retro tasteful touch to any outfit, plus comfortability, plus uniqueness, that is what the New Balance 237 is. The 237 model is the perfect inheritor of the 70’s legendary runners, but adapted for the day to day, taking elements from other popular models like 327 and 57/40. With a huge variety of color mixes, this shoe mixes as well upper suedes, mesh and textiles to offer a multi-textured look to the eye. Apart from the midfoot logo, there’s also New Balance branding stamped on the heel and present on the nylon tongue’s tan tag. Down below, EVA foam midsoles feature an extended wedge under the heel, placed above a standard slab of foam for extra texture. So, If you are looking for a shoe that can resist any tough situation that being ware everyday can bring, plus durability, plus a long list of color combinations for every style, this is the sneaker you are looking for.

New Balance 57/40

The 57/40 sneakers from New Balance are a bold and dynamic evolution of their iconic predecessor, the 574. This shoe incorporates some of New Balance's most outstanding designs into a high-fashion statement. While the 57/40 may not yet be a legendary trainer, it has all the potential to become one. Whether in a neutral color palette with an edgy design or bold and striking colors, the 57/40 makes a statement with any outfit. The shoe's curvy, chunky lines and vintage-modern look are an excellent complement to any wardrobe. The 57/40 is not only visually appealing but also functional and comfortable, with its curvy outsole that molds perfectly to your foot with every step you take. Although this young silhouette was inspired by the most popular style in the company's history, it is here to make its mark and create its own legacy.

New Balance 530

When the New Balance 530 was first introduced in 1992, they were ahead of their time and not well understood. Despite featuring innovative technology such as the ABZORB heel cushioning and high-quality materials like suede, leather, and mesh, they didn't generate much excitement initially. However, over time, these so-called "dad shoes" have become an iconic silhouette beloved by sneaker enthusiasts for their comfort and chunky aesthetic. Today, the 530's are one of our store's most popular offerings, embodying 90s and 2000s nostalgia while remaining versatile enough for both working out and casual wear. Whether you pair them with baggy jeans or leggings, the 530's are sure to provide both style and comfort.

New Balance 550

We are going to talk about another popular shoe from our store - the New Balance 550. Launched in 1989 as an alternative to the 650, these shoes were an underdog at the time. Despite their innovative design and budget-friendly price, they didn't receive much attention from their main target audience and were overshadowed by other popular brands, eventually fading from the sneaker scene. However, thanks to a top fashion designer in New York who stumbled upon them in an old catalogue, the New Balance 550 made a triumphant comeback in 2020. Since September 21, 2020, these shoes have been gaining popularity and are now seen on the feet of many people on the street, as well as being worn by numerous celebrities. The New Balance 550 is now a trendy shoe, loved by many for its style, comfort, and affordability.

Text: Larisa Flores

Photography: Julien Vieillard-Baron

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